EZ Drum Cycler
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EZ Drum Cycler
EZ Drum Cycler
EZ Drum Cycler

EZ Drum Cycler

Emergency Water Supplies

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*SHIPS FAST* Colors: White & Gray | MADE AND ASSEMBLED IN USA | Extends life of drum | Connects to garden hoses | Made from NSF certified materials | Easy to set up and break down | Easy to install.

The EZ CYCLING SYSTEM is the easiest way to clean drums and maintain a clean water supply. See the video above. Follow these simple steps to use:

1. Add 1 cup of regular unscented bleach to drum.
2. Wait 24 hours.
3. Screw Drum Cyclers to the barrel. 
4. Connect a lead-free hose from tap.
5. Connect a second hose that empties to the yard or drain.
6. Turn on the water for about 1 hour.

Buy now and receive your cyclers via priority mail in 3-5 days. Expedited shipping is available. Just ask! Email sales@emergencywatercorp.com.

Group buy opportunity? Email sales@emergencywatercorp.com.